The ONE THING for today

Overnight Success

There is no such thing as overnight success. Success is always a process.

Take for example, Moses.

For Moses “success” was leading Israel to the “Promise Land”. Moses had never been there himself and did not know how to get there from where he was. About the only thing he could tell his followers about the place he was taking them was that it was a land flowing with milk and honey. (Pretty vague, huh?) Yet when the dust had settled (figuratively and literally) the people of Israel arrived at the promised destination.

How did this happen? Process.

It took time, persistence, trial and error, but eventually it paid off.

The ONE THING for today: There will be no progress in your life toward success until you take action.

Do something today! Do something specific that you think will contribute to your success.

Taking action will do one of two things—help or hurt. If it helps then you’re one step closer to success; if it hurts, then you’ve learned something not to do which sets you up to make an adjustment. Either way you win; the only way you’ll lose is by doing nothing.


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