The ONE THING for today

Sonja teaches me another lesson

My wife (Sonja) and I both take seriously Moses’ admonishment to “number our days” (see below).

However, the way we do this is very different.

This was brought to my attention the other morning when I stepped into Sonja’s study and she was excitedly numbering her days—numbering how many days she had already lived.  Turns out she had miscalculated and had cut herself short several days.  She remarked, “Can you believe how many days I’ve lived?” I replied, “Yes! I’ve got the aches and pains of trying to keep up with you to prove most of them!”

We both laughed; but this is what got my attention, she remarked, “I have no regrets; I’ve enjoying living most of those days.” And yes she has—I can truthfully attest to that.

They say opposites attract and the way we number our days illustrates this.

Sonja numbers how many days she already lived; I number how many days I hope I have left to live (at least to age 80).

Sonja joyfully remembers the many good days she already booked for the record; I soberly reflect on how few days I have left to get everything done that I must get done…talk about opposites!

I think we’re both good for each other. I keep us moving forward into the future; but Sonja doesn’t allow me to become morose and sad about an uncertain future that I have little or no control over. Between the two of us, we do a pretty good balancing act.

However, if I had to err, I believe I’d want to err on the side of Sonja—there’s a world of difference between being alive and really living. There’s no doubt about it, Sonja has really lived (I’ve got the scars and gray hairs to prove it!).

The ONE THING for today: Number your days faithfully—especially the ones you’ve already lived. Treasure those joys, lessons learned, and experiences shared.

Psalm 90:12 (NKJV)

12 So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.


One thought on “Sonja teaches me another lesson

  1. The hospice numbered my days to live between 6 months and 12 months. ONLY GOD KNOWS THE NUMBER OF DAYS THAT SHOULD LIVE! I EXPECT A MIRACLE EACH AND EVERY DAY I LIVE. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

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