The ONE THING for today

God knows how to do things

  • Genesis 6:13-15 (NKJV) And God said, “Make yourself an ark…and this is how you shall make it…”

My line of work can be frustrating sometimes. On any given day I can quickly look around and see a “train wreck” in the making.

I try to warn people. I try to cajole, exhort, and encourage them to make changes for the better but so many times my words fall on deaf ears.

Now I’m not pointing this out from a smug and superior attitude—I’ve done the same thing.

Why do we do this? Why do we needlessly complicate our lives and the lives of those we love?

One of the reasons is that we somehow have trouble believing God can do things.

Thank goodness (in contrast to the rest of the human population at the time) Noah took God at his word. In Noah’s day a ship had never been built, but a ship was needed if we humans were to survive. Thankfully, God knows how to do things—including building ships; and thankfully Noah listened and obeyed.

But what if Noah had been hard-headed and ignored all or some of God’s instructions? What if he had said, “I can do this better”? Well one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t be here to write this and you wouldn’t be here to read it.

Dear friend, please don’t ignore God’s instructions. He has given us a blue print for life—it’s called the Bible.

God knows how to build a life, a marriage, a business…anything.

The problem with most people is not that they don’t understand the Bible, it’s that they don’t obey what they do understand.

I’m typing this as kindly and lovingly as I can, but just quit your arguing and second guessing and obey God—just do it; trust Him. In the end you will be so glad you did…because God knows how to do things—anything.

6 thoughts on “God knows how to do things

    • I slipped up and sent that one out early // it was supposed to have been today’s devotional. Those of you who get my devotionals emailed to you got the “early edition” 🙂

  1. I’m afraid that I don’t have the kind of faith that Noah had, but then I realize that God actually talked to him and told him exactly everything he needed to know in order to build that ark and Noah believed and had the faith in God that the ark would absolutely be needed! And he built it on dry land with no rain in sight. Wow! God made it very plain to Noah just why he would need the ark. I keep asking God to make His will for my life plain to me, but either He doesn’t speak loud enough or I’m so far away that I have a hard time hearing Him. Something for me to think more about.

    • Aunt Bernice, I have learned that God most often uses the “birds and the bees” method in showing us his will for our lives. You know how that works…a 5-year old comes to their parent and asks, “Where do babies come from?” A good parent will answer honestly but they will do so at a 5-year old level. God does the same thing. He reveals the amount of his will and plan for our lives that we can handle at our currently spiritual maturity. If he showed us more we wouldn’t know it anyway–we’re just not ready. The important thing to do is to faithfully do what we know to do now; the rest will become more clearer as we grow in our faith.

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