The ONE THING for today

There’s got to be a “Sunday” in every day

There’s got to be a “Sunday” in every day.

Now I don’t mean that literally, for everyone’s “Sunday” is different.

For example, back in the day there was a hit song titled “Easy Like Sunday Morning” which built off the habit of many people making Sunday a “relax” day when they do as little as possible.

That is not what I’m talking about.

I’m taking “treat every day like Sunday” from my world.

For a preacher Sunday is “game day”.  There are people (who do not have to) who make the effort to drive many miles and take up much of their day on Sunday to attend the church where I preach. I feel the pressure. Sunday gets my adrenaline pumping. I’m looking toward Sunday all week. Sunday gets my best. And to be honest, I’m ashamed of myself when Sunday gets anything but my best.

However, here’s the danger: With all the pressure that comes for a preacher on Sunday, the temptation is to ease up on Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday…).

The temptation is to spend all week working on Sunday and regulating the “other stuff” to just the minor leagues.

However, that is a recipe for mediocrity.  None of us have the luxury of being “weekend warriors.”  God is very clear–we are to work six days a week and each day is a stand-alone day.  Today matters because it is today, not because it allows you to work on next Sunday.

You were not born or called to be a one hit wonder or a one trick pony. Everyday has to have a “Sunday feel” to it. There must be something we do every day that gets our best, that really, really, really matters.

  • String together six “Sundays” in a row and you’ll begin to gather some momentum in your life.
  • String together six weeks of “Sundays” in a row and you’ll begin to see some things change.
  • String together six years of “Sundays” in a row and you’ll begin to experience real success.
  • String together a life of “Sundays” in a row and you will discover that you’ve done your part in changing the world.

There’s no getting around it. There’s a certain level of intensity and commitment that is expected from us by God. After all, how can “Easy Like Sunday Morning” be your theme song in light of the Cross?

I’ve learned from painful experience that swinging for the fences on Sunday but sitting on the bench Monday – Saturday never leads to real victories.  I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever I have to do to motivate myself, I’ve got to treat everyday like Sunday if I want to please God and truly be able look myself in the face when I look in the mirror before going to bed each night.

Yeah, I know: Sunday’s coming.  But while you’re fretting about next Sunday, don’t miss the Sunday in today.

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