The ONE THING for today

Complex People

We have a tendency to over-simplify our relationships with people.

It is important to remember that everyone you interact with has multiply loyalties.

Your coworker may be your loyal friend but only to a point. They may also be a spouse and a parent; there comes a moment when loyalties at home trump friendships or loyalties at work.

Your friend has buddies on the softball team that he feels loyalty to, then there’s church which includes loyalties to a pastor, maybe a staff pastor and a Sunday School teacher or small group leader and then there’s his regiment leader down at the National Guard group that he meets with monthly with or maybe it’s the Lion’s Club or the Fire Department where he volunteers.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

Don’t make things too simple in your interactions with people.

That woman who works across from you is more than her position at work. The boss is more than a “company man”. Just because the only thing you ever see your doctor wear is a lab coat doesn’t mean she doesn’t own blue jeans and like hike wilderness trails or hike through discount shopping malls.

Bottom line, people are not units, numbers, and positions. They are complex human beings, with numerous loyalties and obligations. Remember that the next time someone disappoints you—their world doesn’t revolve around you; you’re just one of many interests and obligations that revolve around them.

Give a little grace; show a little patience…it won’t be long before you will need some too.

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