The ONE THING for today

The Eight Day: Dealing with the Routine

I hope you’ve enjoyed reflecting this week on the breath-taking wonder of God at work in creating our universe as much as I have. But what do you do when the big event is over?

The truth is most of our lives are not lived on the lofty peaks of great events or the deep dark valleys of sorrow and despair. Those events: births/deaths, marriages/divorces, first day of school/graduations, promotions/firings, are the exclamation points in our lives, but most of our life is lived somewhere in the middle, i.e. “the routine”.

Think about Day-8 after the Creation. What happened? Basically the same thing that has been happening ever since. The sun rises, the sun sets. The tides come in…and you guessed…the tides go out. Like clockwork, winter is followed by spring, which is followed by summer, which is followed by autumn, which is followed by winter, which is followed by…well you get the picture.

Generations come and generations go. The cycle of birth, death, and rebirth occurs around us every day.

All this is called the routine—this is where we live most of our lives.

Here’s the point…

Take sunsets; everyone one of them is different. Every time the tide goes out the coast looks a little different. Don’t confuse the routine with boring. Just because God designed our world to be orderly and predictable doesn’t mean He took out the personal touch. Every day he dips his finger in the palette of colors at his disposal and makes—just for you (no one sees a sunset exactly the same) a beautiful sunset.

The same is true for us. What makes the difference in the routines of life? The personal touch.

A few days in to a brand new marriage reveals that the “mechanics” of love-making is pretty much the same. What keeps passion alive for 30, 40, and 50+ years? The personal touch.

Wives and mothers have been feeding their families for thousands of years; what makes a meal special? Each woman’s personal touch.

Work is work; what keeps work meaningful and fresh? The personal touch.

The ONE THING for today: Do not confuse predictable routine with boring.

Sadly, many people plod along through the routine of life holding on until some “big event” is supposed to come along and make it all worth it. Life was not meant to be lived that way.

There can be joy and delight in the routine. The difference is adding your personal touch into everything you do; that is what will keep your life fresh and enjoyable.

Or put another way: there is “cooking” and then there is “cooking with love”…there is a world of difference between the two.


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