The ONE THING for today

Step Forward and Do Something First

You know the old army story about volunteers.  When the Sarge asks for a volunteer the one that gets chosen is the slow guy that stands still while everyone else steps back one step. 

Stepping forward, signing up, being the first to do something, these are all foreign concepts to many people.  Most people take their cues from others. 

Most people are far more comfortable with editing, giving feedback or giving their opinion (criticizing) what others are doing. 

But why not go first today?  Take a stand, make a choice based on your convictions, your values, even your desires instead of what the group wants to do or what generations of your family has always done, or by what is “normal”.

If you are going to wait until you get everyone’s approval, if you’re afraid of criticism, if you have to be a part of the majority, why you’re never reach your potential.  The word that describes the crowd is average. 

When I think about the Creator and all the breath-taking beauty and teeming variety that flowed from his amazing mind, I’ve got to believe that you were created for something more than average.

Don’t just stand there, step forward and do something first today.

2 thoughts on “Step Forward and Do Something First

  1. Thank you Pastor! I so appreciate your blogs! Waiting to take cues was certainly not Winston Churchill’s m.o. I am almost half-way through the second volume of The Last Lion. Even from the first volume until present, every time I pick the book up to read, I want to weep. Weep for him, the stupidity of England (at the time prior to World War II specifically) and the countries and peoples that suffered under Hitler’s reign of terror. Hard reading but I am glad that I am taking it on.

    Blessings, Claudia

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    • RE: The Last Lion – great read! I wonder if the same thing is happening now with Putin (Russia vs. Ukraine) as what happened in Europe in the 1930’s 😦 \\ I can only pray that God will raise up another W.S.C.

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