The ONE THING for today

What are you training for?

One of the most important things you should be doing is training.

Training is not just for athletes; it is absolutely essential for anyone that plans to excel in life.

As Christians, your morning devotional time is training for the rest of the day. Fail to keep your devotional time one day and you’ll be able to tell the difference. Miss two days, and your family will be able to tell the difference. Miss three days and everyone will notice.imagesCA9RYD32

Dating is training for marriage. If two kids can’t show respect and restraint while dating, trust me, there will be great difficulties when they hit the big leagues.

These are just a couple of examples. The issue of training impacts every area of your life.

Have trouble worshipping at church and getting anything out of the sermon? Let me guess – you haven’t been training much during the week.

Having trouble in your marriage? Let me guess – there’s been little, if any, “training” (seeking and applying wise counsel via counselors and good books).

Stuck in your career track? Let me guess – you haven’t been training by seeking to improve yourself and stay ahead of the curve in the changes that are happening in your field.

There’s no way around it, if you hope to stay at the top of your game, training is and will always be required.

You only have twenty-four hours in each day. As you prioritize your time, make sure training is at the top of the list. It will cost you today, but it will pay dividends for the rest of your life.


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