The ONE THING for today


Be careful with the word “always”

The word “always” is a loaded word.

But I said “be careful” // I didn’t say not to use it.

Your “always” are the foundation blocks of your life. They shape everything else. Foundation blocks are seldom seen but they hold up everything else.imagesCAFOANWI

For example, if you build your life on the principle that you will “always” tell the truth then suddenly you’ve narrowed the scope of every conversation and correspondence that comes from you for the rest of your life.

How you tell the truth is a different question; but there is no question about what you are going to communicate—the truth.

There are dozens of examples I could use but the point is this: Eliminate as much grey from your life as you can. Living in the shadow land of “grey” sets you up for a lot of pitfalls.

And another thing, beware of those people in your life that have few “always”. They’re like a pet cobra—sooner or later they will bite you.  The man of many exceptions is seldom exceptional except in letting you down.

And one final thing. This is about you. There is a huge difference between saying, “I always…” and saying “You always…”

Saying “I always _____” is a good way to build a solid and productive life.

Saying “You always _____” is a good way to start World War III.


1 Thessalonians 5:15 (NKJV) See that no one renders evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all.


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