Personal Reflections

Day 3 of 3: The Quietest Days of My Life.

We use the expression: “Breaking a fast” when we stop a fast and resume eating.  Well this afternoon I broke the silence for the first time since Monday evening.  My first words were spoken to my dearly missed wife who had been away working at camp when she walked through the door.  Thankfully I didn’t sound like Donald Duck. 🙂

My throat feels some better but like so many times on our spiritual journey when we settle for feeling better for a season instead of changing, I know I must not just settle for feeling better.  I will follow through on doctors orders and get help in learning how to talk correctly.

In the meantime, I will still keep my words few…a definite win/win on several fronts.

Thanks for your prayers.

One thought on “Day 3 of 3: The Quietest Days of My Life.

  1. So glad you got through your three days of silence and that Sonja is back home. Praying that the Lord will heal your voice completely…..Love you…..Joe & Ann

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