A Mid-day Moment

Becoming somthing better

  • Today US Americans celebrate the birthday of our nation—we are celebrating our freedom.
  • Robert E. Quinn, in his book Building the Bridge as You Walk On It, states: Freedom is one of the most central human values. Without it, people cannot become what they are capable of becoming.
  • The thought I want to leave with you today is this: No matter your condition or situation at this moment you still have a small pocket of freedom deep without in your being. God made you that way—it is a part of his image imprinted upon your very being.
  • Therefore you are always free to make a choice.
  • Tyrants and bullies, sickness and sorrow, poverty and lack, oppression and depression, adversity and failure—in all these you still have a choice. You are free to decide how you are going to respond.
  • Start there—use your freedom wisely and that will start the process of you becoming someone better.


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