The ONE THING for today

Real books

  • 2 Timothy 4:13 (NKJV) Bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas when you come—and the books, especially the parchments.

Over the weekend I did something I have not done in decades—I went out of town without taking a book with me. I have been a reader since I was a child and keeping a book within easy reach has been a habit of mine since my childhood. However, amazingly I spent two nights away from home without a book.

How did I do this? Easy, I had more “ebooks” with me than I could have packed in all my luggage put together.   My how the world has changed!

Having said that, the ONE THING for today is not to encourage you to jump full-board onto the new technology wave and throw all your “real” books away. Matter of fact that is the complete opposite of what I am proposing. Let me explain…

Recently I completed reading a text book that my father used back in his college days (the late 1950’s). It was entitled: The Great Doctrines of the Bible written by William Evans and first published by Moody Press in 1912.

Reading this book has been one of the most enjoyable and meaningful experiences I have ever had for sprinkled liberally throughout the book were passages my dad had underlined in his studies and the margins had—in dad’s own handwriting—comments and observations.

To add to the experience, my mother had later on used the book in her studies and with her much neater and more precise handwriting had left her underlined passages and comments throughout the book as well. 558065758_1376563182

As I read the book it was like I had my parents looking over my shoulder passing on the great doctrines of our faith; it was as if we read the book together. Evan’s book is priceless to me and with each passing year will only increase in value. No modern textbook or e-book could ever replace it.

Am I against ebooks? Of course not. But I do encourage you to have a few “real” books, books that reflect your deepest values, books in which you have left your footprints, books that your children and your children’s children can one day read and learn from your very own hand.

I suspect there will come a time that households will be like they were 200 years ago. Books were a rare treasure and most home had only one book: the Bible.

That my friend would be a good place to start when developing your short list of “real” books in which you will truly make your own by leaving your own handwritten “footprints” for those that will follow you in this journey called life.


One thought on “Real books

  1. I love the feel of a good hardback book! And I love to read. This started many years ago, reading everything that caught my interest in our school library. I still read a great deal.

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