The ONE THING for today

Keep your eye on the ball

  • Proverbs 3:21 (NKJV) My son, let them not depart from your eyes—

Back in my golfing days we’d tell our struggling buddies to “keep their eye on the ball.”  (I heard it more than I said it.)

Now of course if you literally did that you’d be blind after two hits.

However, there are many people blind to the fact that if they hope to get something done they must stay relentlessly focused on the task.

Every day there is something you must do. There are many things you could do, want to do and actually will do, but don’t forget to stay focused on the very next thing you must do. Keep your eye on ball.

After you get through with the thing you must do then go to the next thing you must do and then the next until you’ve completed the list of things you must absolutely, without a doubt must do. When that list is complete, it is unbelievably liberating and oh the joy when you are finally free to do the things you want to do without the guilt of knowing you’re compromising on the must-do list.

By the way, do this for a lifetime and you will discover that you get to choose more and more of your “must do” list and you get to do more and more of the things you want to do. A win/win on both accounts.


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