Saturday Briefing to Ministers and those they minister too

Is your church small?

  • Mark 4:31 (NKJV) It is like a mustard seed which, when it is sown on the ground, is smaller than all the seeds on earth; 

Recently I attended a pastor’s conference where I was informed that 80% of the churches in my denomination were small churches and that the majority of all churches in America are small.

I’m not convinced. I suspect this may be a case of making statistics mean anything you want them to mean.

“Small” is relative.

For example my four-year old grandson is small compared to all human beings in the world but the final verdict concerning my grandson’s “smallness” has not been determined—give him a few more years.

My four year old grandson: David Lee--a giant in the making.

My four year old grandson: David Lee–a giant in the making.

Environment matters also.

For example, put a gold-fish in an aquarium and it soon it will be the largest fish in the tank but take that same gold-fish and drop him in a pond and he’s small. However, give him a little time and soon he will be “eating size” as they say where I’m from.

The only real danger with being small is to have a small mindset. Mother Teresa was small; small in size, strength, influence, resources and every other matrix you can think of—except she was not small in her mind and in her faith–the rest is history.

John the Baptist gives me hope. He was small also—stuck out in the middle of the wilderness with no budget, no wardrobe, and no connections at headquarters, but he had a message and a passion and soon the crowds were flocking to him.

Then there’s Jesus—same story and yet put him anywhere—in the wilderness, small villages, the countryside or the cities and the crowds flocked to him.

Back to my grandson, give a growing boy good food, plenty of rest, and wholesome activity—garnished with a lot of love and he will grow—you can bet on it.

In the same way give your people good food (the Bible taught/preached clearly),

Keep them busy working on the Great Commission-starting in their own homes (wholesome activity),

Ensure they have plenty of rest (Good worship services and personal devotional time with God),

And love them like they are God’s gift to you,

And I believe you can have every reason to expect your people and ministry to grow.

Bottom line, let God define your size; little is much if God is in it–your story is not finished yet; you’re a giant in the making.


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