The ONE THING for today

Scrap those plans…

  • Psalm 33:10-11 (NKJV) The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect.
    11 The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations.

For years I felt the tremendous pressure to have a great vision and an accompanying master plan for fulfilling that vision.  I would scour all the latest leadership and strategy books and attend the big name conferences to find out what the latest and hottest idea was; but in spite of my best efforts I never felt satisfied.

Then one day it dawned on me that my leader—Jesus Christ already had a vision and master plan.

His vision is to save the world and his master plan is called “The Great Commission.”  And as an aside, not only is the Great Commission a great commission, it is the only Commission.

We’re not called to come up with another hot idea or vision—Jesus hasn’t wavered from his original plan one iota.

Matter of fact, we’re not even called to complete the Great Commission—we are simply told to go and keep going one generation after another until the end of time and then Jesus will add up the score.

This doesn’t mean we are not to work hard, keep learning and improving our skills; but isn’t it a relief that we’re not in charge?


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