The ONE THING for today

Time for a shopping spree…

OK, time to get that checkbook out…

Tired of paying those high electric bills?  Why you can buy Duke Energy for only 48.4 billion dollars and then you’d get all your electricity free! untitled

Don’t like how your bank is treating you with their cold impersonal service?  While you’re on your shopping spree, just buy the mammoth bank—Bank of America; it’s only 180.2 billion dollars.  I bet ya they’ll roll out the red carpet then!

And now that GM no longer stands for government motors and is back to being one of the old bell weather companies of the good US of A—General Motors, you might as well buy it and drive a new car every day.  The price tag is only 53.3 billion.

And of course, you’ve got to eat.  Might as well buy MacDonald’s for only 94.6 billion; and if your taste buds are a little more discriminating, you can buy Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Long Horn Steak House (along with several other smaller brands) for a measly 6.7 billion.

(Can you believe that Big Macs are over 14 times more valuable than Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Long Horn Steak House combined!)

And of course there is Wal-Mart; everybody likes hanging out there and it shows—the price tag is 245.4 billion. (Better hold off for now on that expensive expenditure; maybe put it on your Christmas wish list.)

Pretty impressive huh?

But let me show you something even more impressive (or maybe disturbing).

Dare to hazard a guess as to how valuable Twitter is?  Answer: 34.7 billion!

What about Facebook? 148.6 billion dollars—more than Duke Energy and General Motors combined with 47 billion left over.

What about Google?  388.8 billion

And are you ready for this?  Apple, Inc. is valued at 490.1 billion dollars.

For the money it would take to buy the maker of your iPhone you can buy Duke Energy, Bank of America, General Motors, MacDonald’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Long Horn Steak House and still have 107 billion to live off of.

Truly the world is changing.

Companies that did not exist a few years ago are now some of the most expensive and influential companies in the world.

Words and expressions that did not exist a few years ago like: Cloud technology, social networking, tweeting, being on Facebook and “Just Google it” have become common place.

This new technology is the new light bulb, horseless carriage, indoor plumbing and radio of our times.  They are rewriting how we look at life and how we live our lives.

What are we supposed to do?  Basically, we can hide our heads in the sand and pretend that we still live in Mayberry or we can build our lives on the rock—the eternal, never-changing truths and realities of God’s word which will teach us how to not only survive but how to thrive in our changing world.

All these new technologies are opening up exciting new ways of how we do life.  However, they will never be able to explain to us why we live.

They bring to our fingertips vast knowledge but no wisdom.

They are adding pages of new words and definitions to our dictionaries every year but they will never be able to define the purpose of our lives.

Whether it’s the old smokestack industries or the new web-based industries, in their place they are good and can make our lives better.  But only the everlasting and never-changing truths and love of God will satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts.

Today my church is starting our annual 40-days of prayer and fasting.

It has been said that fasting connects us with God and disconnects us from the world.

There’s no question about it—for now, we must live in this world.  But this world is not our home.  No matter the price tag we may put on things here on earth, we were meant for something more—far more.

Sometimes it is good and necessary to log-off, sign-out, and go off-line and tune in—tune in to that still small voice—the Eternal One, the Ever-lasting God, the Rock of Ages, and the Lover of our Soul.  It is there—in Him that we live and move and have our being through the shifting tides of change and chaos.

I invite you to join us during these next 40-days of spiritual renewal as we disconnect from this world for a season and reconnect to the eternal in order to manage well the ever-changing.

27 The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms…

Deuteronomy 33:27 (NKJV)

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