A Mid-day Moment

…the most important thing you can do with a Bible…

Must reading for anyone who uses the Bible as their roadmap for life…

kristian with a k

If there is one piece of advice that I would give to anyone with regard to reading the Bible it would have nothing to do with learning Greek or Hebrew (those I’m sure that those are highly valuable skills); it would not be about outlining passages or ignoring chapter breaks; it would not even be to read a healthy balance between the Old and New Testaments. No, if I were to offer one nugget that has enriched the way that I read the Bible it is this: stop making yourself the main character of the Bible.  images (1)

Put on a helmet for just a second. The Bible isn’t about you. It wasn’t written because Paul or Moses or Malachi knew that there would be one American living in two-car poverty with unbearable activity scheduling issues who just desperately needed a divinely inspired book written so that person wouldn’t pull a…

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