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A Bad Headache…

  • Galatians 6:14 (NKJV) But God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ…

I heard the other day of a man who had been suffering from constant headaches who finally went to see his doctor. bad-headache

“I don’t know why I keep getting these terrible headaches,” he lamented.  “I don’t drink like so many other people do.  I don’t smoke like so many other people do.  I don’t run around at night like so many other people do. I don’t overeat like so many other people do. I don’t—”

At this point, the doctor interrupted him. “Tell me,” the physician asked, “this pain you complain of; is it a sharp shooting pain?”

“Yes,” the man answered.

“And does it hurt here, here, and here?” the doctor asked indicating three places around the head.

“Yes,” the man replied hopefully, “that’s it exactly.”

“Simple,” the doctor said, rendering his diagnosis. “Your problem is that you have your halo on too tight.”  🙂

For those of you that were in church with me yesterday, you know I preached on the meaning of the Cross.

The execution of Jesus Christ on the Cross is the most humbling and helpful event that has ever happened.

On one hand, it’s horror and brutality is a reflection of our own sinfulness—we have nothing to be proud of in our own strength (Sorry, no halos for you and me).

On the other hand, the extremes that God would go too in order to obtain salvation for you and me should give us unquenchable hope in every situation of life—“If God be for us…” (Romans 8:31-32).

I like the way Betty Stallard in her book—Minister’s Wife book, put it: “Although Christ took our sins to the cross, He didn’t take them to the tomb with Him – so you cannot resurrect them.  Leave them on the cross and under the blood.”


(Source of “headache” story: The 360 Degree Leader, by John Maxwell)


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