The ONE THING for today

Should we stone our children?

Following is a devotional my wife prepared for her Sunday School Class; it really touched my heart and I thought it may do the same for you.  She writes…

I am constantly swept away by the thought of our Father’s love for us…

In Deuteronomy 21: 18-21 the Law instructed parents to take a “stubborn, rebellious, disobedient… drunkard son” before the elders of the city where he would be judged, condemned and stoned to death.   

Even at the height of my daughter’s rebellion, I NEVER entertained thoughts of stoning her to death. 

These parents evidently couldn’t bring themselves to either.  Unless I have missed it, I am not aware of any Biblical passage where this law was carried out.  Could you do it to your child? 

Oh, but here’s the thought that overwhelms me today.  Even though we couldn’t do it, our Father God allowed His blameless Son to be killed in the place of every son and daughter that could have or should have been stoned to death.  What we could never do, He did, so that we would not have to!   

Jesus illustrated this truth in the story of the prodigal son.  There was no more rebellious, disobedient child, but instead of stoning him to death the Father runs out, embraces him and “loves” him to death. 

That’s our Heavenly Father.   

This wonderful grace and love that Jesus brought to our planet needs to be replicated in our homes over and over again – day by day; sometimes moment by moment.  And if there’s any stoning to be done, let’s cast them toward our pride and indifference.  That’s something that definitely needs to be put to death!  

From my heart, 


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