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A loving God, good people, and Hell

  • Romans 3:23 (NKJV) for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…

A question that some stumble over is: “How can a loving God send good people to Hell?”

At the risk of being accused of being flippant—which I’m not (!) // I just have to put things in a simple way so I can understand // but anyway…my answer to the above question is: There’s a world of difference between “good” ice cream and “perfect” ice cream.  Somehow, having only “good” (or even great) ice cream in Heaven doesn’t get it—I’ll be looking for perfection.

Let me describe this another way; one of the top rated restaurants that my grandchildren clamor to go to is Chuck-E-Cheese.  For me (forgive me kids of the world) going to Chuck-E-Cheese is the equivalent of spreading a little tomato sauce on cardboard and sprinkling it with a bit of cheese and trying to eat it in a torture chamber with bright flashing lights, clanging bells with freaky looking figures howling at me like wild, rabid coyotes…sort of like…well, Hell!

In other words, as you mature “good” evolves.

Can you imagine being God and having someone say that the qualification for getting into His heaven is simply being “good”!  I can’t imagine the example a perfect God would use to describe how that makes Him feel (I think Calvary gives us a hint).

I wish “good” was the standard for getting into Heaven; I can do “good” occasionally and thus I might get lucky and have my scheduled appearance before the Judgment Seat of God hit on one of my “good” days.

However, good is not the standard for entrance into Heaven—perfection is.

Sherwood Wirt, longtime editor of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Decision magazine, observed: “Attempts to explain Billy Graham fail unless they begin at the cross.”  That’s not only true for the Billy Graham’s of the world; that is true for anyone (good or bad) that plans to go to a perfect Heaven.

Thankfully, a loving Jesus offers to substitute His perfection for all people (good or bad) who will believe on Him and follow His footsteps which will lead them home.

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