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Twelve ways to stay married for 35-years

Today marks the 35th anniversary of my marriage to Sonja. I will gladly accept all congratulations and I will forward all condolences to “St. Sonja” 🙂

Those early years (year two we think)

Those early years (year two we think)

What does it take to make a marriage last 35 years?

  1. (Number one as in first and foremost) Make your devotion to Jesus Christ the center of your marriage and home.  There will be times that your love and devotional for Jesus will be the only thing that gives you the strength to stay together.
  2. Sonja’s motto: “Die to self and live to serve.”
  3. Sonja’ second motto: “Don’t jump to conclusions–give each other the benefit of the doubt.”
  4. David’s motto: “FIDO – Forget it and drive on.”
  5. Frankie Sherfield’s motto: (a friend of ours) “Build a bridge and get over it.”
  6. Rick Warren’s motto: “It’s not about you.”
  7. Remember the little things.
  8. Remember the big things.
  9. Forget the bad things.
  10. Have a weekly “date night” (preferably in the context of celebrating “Sabbath”)
  11. Have fun together.
  12. Hang on until the grandchildren come into your life–it doesn’t get better than that!

_david & sonja

3 thoughts on “Twelve ways to stay married for 35-years

  1. Thank you for liking my post on Brisbane’s South Bank. Congratulations on your 35th wedding anniversary. In 35 years any marriage faces a number of challenges and I commend you both on riding them through. I have just celebrated the 7th anniversary of marriage. Iggy came into this marriage with a no-blame philosophy – if something goes wrong, let’s sort it rather than trying to establish culpability. In addition, we aim to give our relationship 100%. In my previous marriage – 30.5 exhausting and unhappy years – we spent fruitless hours niggling over who had reached their 50% contribution and who had not. 100% is pretty clear cut – and there is such joy in making the person you love happy.

    • Hello Diana!

      I think you missed your calling–I’d consider being a marriage counselor! 🙂

      Great insight // the 100% principle and the “no culpability” clause is the only way to go…after all, marriage ought to be the one safe place on the planet.

      Kindest regards,


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