Sunday’s Sermon Notes


Sunday, August 11, 2013 

Title:  It’s Time to Decide

Text: John 6:67-71, Part 5/5

Thesis/Premise: There are pivotal moments in the life of every professing Christian—orchestrated by Jesus—in which He calls on them to decide if their relationship with Him is going to continue or be stopped and they go in another direction.  Or put another way, all of life is a “weeding out” process in which Jesus keeps calling you to a higher level of discipleship. 

Mission Statement: The goal of this message is to call you –if you have not done so – to make an intentional and informed decision to follow Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  Moreover, if you have made this decision in the past, I will be calling you to examine the state of your relationship with Jesus to see if your relationship with Jesus has been stalled or worse yet—aborted; and if so, to call you back to Him.

Vision Statement: I see people whose faith is absent or “stalled” being “jump-started” to get back in the race and go to the next level of discipleship.

What You Need to Know

 Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is always a VOLUNTEER calling.

Jesus SETS YOU UP in order to help you clarified what you believe about Him and thus to help you determine what you’re going to do about Him.

He does this in two ways: TESTS & TRIALS  (Crosses).

There are pivotal moments in our lives that we must “count the cost” // “weigh the evidence” // “examine the options” and then MAKE A DECISION ABOUT JESUS CHRIST.

What You Need to Do

1)     Be on the lookout for “Adversaries

2)    Decide about Jesus and live with the consequences.

3)     Decide while there is time.

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One thought on “Sunday’s Sermon Notes

  1. Thank you Pastor Kemp for posting your Sunday Sermon. We were on vacation so it was good to read what you preached on. Where we went to church the Pastor preached on “Trust God, Move Forward”. I told him you said to say hello and he returned your greeting. We look forward to being in our church Sunday. There is no place like home! Have a blessed day!

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