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An interruption in Heaven

  • Exodus 17:14 (NKJV) Then the Lord said to Moses, “Write this for a memorial in the book and recount it in the hearing of Joshua… 

This morning I finished a book that really blessed me.  It was a great read both devotionally and as preparation for the current series of sermons that I am preaching through the Gospel of John.  The name of the book is: The Gospel of John: An Exposition.

It was written by former pastor and professor of theology at Princeton Theological Seminary Charles R. Erdman back in 1922.

Thank God for Charles R. Erdman

Thank God for Charles R. Erdman

When I finished, I paused a few moments to reflect on Dr. Erdman’s impact on me through the book he wrote.  I looked around me: in front of me was my laptop computer which allowed me to type my this blog and which was also connected to my wi-fi system which connected me to the world wide web which allowed me to “google” Dr. Erdman and learn a little about him on Wikipedia.  I could go on, but you get the point: these are all things that would have been beyond the comprehension of Dr. Erdman when he wrote his book.  It is incredible how the world has changed since he first wrote (probably by hand) the manuscript for his commentary on John’s Gospel.

Yet because he made the effort to write, a fellow pastor 91-years later living in a different century and millennium was blessed and better equipped to serve his people.

Oh the power of the written word!

I call it “leaving footprints.”

You do not have to be a seminary professor to be a writer.  You do not have to have the ability to write literary classics to be a writer.  You do not have to have many followers who care about what you write to be a writer.    I’m betting there’s someone(s) who cares about what you have to say (or will someday).  Why not write to them?  It may be someone you never imaged that will be impacted.  It may be your children’s children’s children’s children that will be blessed.  You never know…but then you might.

I was so deeply touched this morning by Dr. Erdman’s book that I penned a little prayer in the back before closing it; it read:

  • Dear Jesus, I have a favor to ask.  Please tell Dr. Erdman that his commentary on John’s Gospel really blessed and ministered to me.  Thank you, dlk

Dr. Erdman died in 1960—53 years ago.  Somehow I believe that somewhere in Heaven this morning Dr. Erdman was interrupted from what he was doing by an angel that gave him my message.  Wouldn’t it be neat if an angel interrupted your heavenly activities someday to share a similar message from someone?

Time to start writing; you never know…

4 thoughts on “An interruption in Heaven

  1. Thanks again, Pastor! This blog entry has been a blessing for me. I have to dust off my journalism degree and start using it for God’s glory!

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