The ONE THING for today

Cutting Down on Hurtful Explosions! or Keeping the Wheels of Your Organization Running Smoothly (Three diagnostic questions, 2/3)

  • Proverbs 11:14 (NKJV) Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety. 

As those of you that regularly follow this blog know, each Saturday I include a blog specially designed for preachers and teachers.  Today and tomorrow a imagesseries that I started last Saturday has hijacked my “Today’s One Thing” entries.

However, I believe the three diagnostic questions that I am discussing are good questions for anybody to use that interacts with people on a regular basis.

These questions are meant to give you a diagnosis of the state of mind the person you are talking to is in.  And for the caring person (of which I assume you are one) can use the other person’s answer to know how to wisely interact with them.

Last Saturday the question was:

1)  What is God saying (or doing) in your life? (You can check my remarks out at this link.)

The second diagnostic question for the caring person to use is:

2) If you could only give me one word of advice what would it be? (Leading/Administrating question)

This question helps on several fronts…

  • First, it assumes that everyone is your superior in some way.  By asking this question you show respect to the person you’re talking to and open yourself up to learn // always a beneficial endeavor.


  • Second, this question gives the other person permission to speak into your life.  Oddly enough, the more responsibility you have in life the less people share with you.  They don’t want to bother you or they feel that you already know or that their opinion doesn’t matter.  However, if you want to be a good leader and administrator you must stay in touch with the issues of those you’re trying to serve.  I have found this question really helpful in learning about things that I would never have discovered otherwise or would have learned to late, which leads to the third benefit…


  • Third, this question keeps things from building up.  There are no perfect preachers, teachers, leaders or people.  No matter how hard you try you are going to drop the ball, unknowingly offend someone, or just have blind spots that are hurting you and the organization.  When you don’t have a way of addressing these things frustration builds up and then one day someone bits your head off over what appears to be a minor issue; when in reality, that “minor issue” was just the catalyst that caused the explosion.  The reality is, because of a hurt, misunderstanding, or some other frustration that had not been addressed, the explosion had been building up for a long time.  Faithfully asking today’s question is a good way of relieving that pressure long before the explosion-stage ever occurs.

Tomorrow we’ll wrap this series up with the third question.

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