The ONE THING for today

I have an announcement to make…

  • Exodus 9:16 (NKJV) But indeed for this purpose I have raised you up, that I may show My power in you, and that My name may be declared in all the earth. 

Imagine with me how Noah’s family must have felt the evening Noah cleared his throat after the family meal and said, “I’ve got an announcement to make-God told me today that we’ve got to build a big ship because He is going to send a huge flood and wipe everyone out.” Declaraw

Or what about Abraham when he dropped by his dad’s house and said, “Dad, a God I didn’t even know existed has told me that He’s the real God and he has instructed me that we are to sell the family business and our homes and head out into the desert.”

Or what about Moses who after forty years of being missing in actions shows up and says, “God has sent me to be your leader and I’m leading you out of Egypt to the promise land.”

Can you imagine what the people who heard these outlandish announcements must have thought!?

However – and don’t miss this – things happen when announcements are made.  And by the way, nothing happens when announcements are not made.

All citizens of the United States of America are living off an announcement: it’s called the Declaration of Independence.  Every freedom, opportunity and right we have is tied to the few brave men that stood up and made that announcement to maybe the most powerful monarch of that day.

I am living in South Carolina because my dad came home one day about 57 years ago and announced that he was going to leave all that was familiar and comfortable and move to Greenville, South Carolina to enroll in a Bible College in order to prepare for the ministry.  That announcement changed the entire direction and destiny of my family.

Bold and courageous announcements will often be resisted and are often hard to fulfill; but remember – nothing of significance happens until it is announced.

Perhaps your life is on hold and opportunity is holding back because you have just not stepped up yet and made an announcement.

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