The ONE THING for today

Go look in the mirror!

  • John 4:16 (NLT) “Go and get your husband,” Jesus told her.

I don’t want to over simplify things, but at any given moment there is one pressing issue, that if not dealt with, progress will not continue in your life.

Remember that.

There are not two pressing issues, or three or four or fifteen or twenty-seven pressing issues-only one.  Now it may be a small link in a series of pressing issues, but if you fail to take care of the issue at hand the wheels of progress are going to be jammed and everything is going to shut down. (Like the proverbial wrench thrown in the gears.)

Jesus and Samaritan woman

Jesus and Samaritan woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesus understood that when he asked the woman he met at the well at Sycar to go get her husband.  And by the way, the pressing issue wasn’t her husband-she didn’t have one.  Matter of fact, the pressing issue wasn’t a “man problem” or a “marriage problem” or any other problem “out there.”  The issue was an issue on the inside.  The command to go get her husband was only a way to get her to examine herself.

There’s a lesson there.  Usually the next pressing issue that needs to be dealt with has to do with the person looking back at you every time you look in the mirror-not someone or something “out there”.

So…time to take care of business.

Go look in the mirror if need be, but take the time to ask yourself, “What is the most pressing issue in my life at this moment that is holding me back?”  When you have answered that question, then do something about it.  A steady diet of that will ensure a steady climb toward a meaningful, fulfilling and eternally successful life.

On the other hand, ignoring the issue, as much as you’d like to pretend everything is OK, will only undermine everything else you’re trying to do.

Don’t do that!  Deal with the issue…


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