The ONE THING for today

Today’s ONE THING: Would Jesus have had a Facebook account?

  • John 4:4But He needed to go through Samaria. 

Yes, I think Jesus would have had a Facebook account.  Matter of fact, Jesus would probably have used social media of all types to talk about what he was doing and thinking.  Think about it, how would we know much of what we know about Jesus if he had not let his disciples know?

Take chapter four of John’s gospel for example.  The disciples witnessed none of the information recorded about Jesus’ interaction with the woman at the well, so how did they know about it?  Answer: Jesus told them.

Jesus didn’t fill the pages of the gospels with mindless chatter; however, there is a surprising amount of personal information and personal reflections and prayers recorded about Jesus that would have not been known had Jesus not shared it with his disciples.

Is there a lesson here for us, I think so.  Never in the history of the human race have we had the opportunity to share our thoughts and reflections as we do today (This blog is an example!)  Embrace that privilege and use it wisely to bring hope and healing to a world that is drowning in cynicism, negativism and spin.

Jesus said, “You shall be witnesses of me” (Acts 1:8).  Every generation needs to hear the good news of the Gospel in their language and context; how will they know if the Church does not witness?

Say, type, text, or write something that matters today – something that lifts and redeems, heals and helps…something that Jesus told you that nobody else has heard.

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