Last Fast Day!

Hello Everyone!

Let me just send out a quick reminder to everyone that today is the last Wednesday we have as a church to fast in preparing ourselves for next Sunday’s Friend day.  Please join with me in fasting at least one meal.  Along with fasting, I will also be in service at our annual Campmeeting.  I assure you that I will be especially lifting up our church to God during that service!

Just as a reminder: Pastor Jonathan will be directing the Praise & Worship in tonight’s service.  I know you are like me – very proud and thankful to have someone of the caliber of Pastor J representing our church!

And speaking of Campmeeting…

In last night’s service there was a special prayer offered for all the young people that were in the service.  During that time I felt impressed to stand in for my children and for the young people at the FMCOG.  During that prayer I strongly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and the assurance that God is going to use our young people in a mighty way. 

Even this week, a large group is in Ohio leading a state youth camp.  I’m proud of them and ask you to join with me in remembering them in your prayers.

On a personal note, David Lee has still not decided to join usJ  Please keep he and mom in your prayers.

Blessings everyone!

david l. kemp

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