Find a “Sabbath” moment today!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Saturday!

I pray that today will be a great day for you.  I remind you that Saturday is the real “Sabbath” day.  While we do not live under the Jewish rabbinical law, we still live under the law of “Sabbath.”  What I mean by that is that God ordained as one of the laws of the universe that we observe “sabbath” (rest).  We cannot cheat that law anymore than we can cheat the law of gravity.

With jet fuel we may fight the pull of gravity for a while but eventually we must come down.  The same is true with rest.  We can burn the candle at both ends but eventually we will run out of “candle!”

The point is this – make time to rest today.  Do something that you love doing (ice cream for me – I’ve been looking forward to it all week!).   Before making that push to get everything done on your “To-do” list, ask yourself if will matter a year from now (probably not).  Let a few things go; if it can wait – let it; and get yourself some rest.

And by the way, let others do the same in your life today.


david l. kemp

11:02 a.m.

Prayer of the day…

      Prayer for the day: Father God, thank you for another Saturday.  You have been faithful this week and I praise You and thank You for it.  I pray today that You will give your people rest.  They may have a busy day with a lot of responsibility but in the midst of it all be close to them and prompt us all to make time for You and time for rest. 

      Also, help us to not forget others.  Truly one of our values is “People matter” and please remind us – starting with me – that the people that matter are not just those close to me or like me.  No!  All people matter.  Please help us to be a church that truly cares enough to take action – reaching (stretching) to make a difference around the world.

      I do lift up our families to You today.  Please protect them (body, soul and mind) and please bring us home safe tonight.  But should You come or call I plead the blood of Jesus (our atonement) over all our souls.

      Finally, I pray that our hearts will turn toward You this day.  Prepare us for worship tomorrow.  We will be starting another week tomorrow – let it be a week began at Your House. 

      I ask these things in the NAME that is above every name – JESUS CHRIST (our Lord and Savior), AMEN.


Affirmation of the day…

NOTE: These affirmations have to do with our health.

  1. Through Jesus Christ and by His stripes…I am walking in health and strength. (Proverbs 3:7-8)
  2. My back is strong and pain free because of the mercy of God and my commitment to be a good steward of the wonderfully made body that He has given me through exercise and proper diet.
  3. I shall live enthusiastically the life God has given me and do everything within my power to not die prematurely.
  •  This affirmation was timely for me today.  For with my busy schedule today it is so tempting to let my exercise go today.  Today’s affirmation is a reminder that it never gets easier to go against the grain.  It is easy to die but hard to live.  It is easy to float downstream but hard to swim upstream.  If I may preach a moment – it’s easy to go to Hell – just do nothing!  But for the person that desires to make their life count – whatever the issue – a daily decision to go against the downward pull of a sin-cursed world is required.

Quotes of the Day:

  1. “Something can be true but not the truth.” _Glenn Walters, message on Truth\May 13, 2009
  2. “Doors don’t slam open.” _John M. Shanahan, 1939-
  3. “Remember, God sees both the global and the eternal consequences of every decision you make. That’s a staggering thought, isn’t it?  We see only the immediate consequences, which is why we sometimes don’t understand why God allows certain things to happen.” _H. Dale Burke, Less is More Leadership, p. 63


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